I Think I Said Something

The Life, Legacy & Ministry of Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II

Foreword by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.
Written by Freda G. Sampson

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"To many of us are asleep in the midst of a revolution, and while we sleep, there are those who would divide us against the realities of life."

- Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson

About "Think I Said Something"

"I Think I Said Something: The Life, Legacy & Ministry of Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II"
is the witness, words, and works of a prophetic pastor who lived a practical theology and fought for justice of all people.

This book is a collection of glimpses, inclusive of his personal story from childhood to adulthood, his Pastor's Pens and reflections from his peers, family, and sons and daughters in ministry.

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Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II

God’s image of Reverend Frederick George Sampson, II was made flesh August 9, 1928, in Port Arthur, Texas. He was the fourth child born to the late Frederick G. Sampson, Sr. and Florence Frisco Sampson. His love of the Lord and his commitment to family were nurtured as he communed along the gulf of Port Arthur. He started his formal education in the Texas public school system, but life and nature would become his extraordinary classroom....

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Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Sampson, II
Freda G. Sampson
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